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Soccer Drills for Kids to teach dribbling

Two games from the Dribbling Chapter of the book


Fun Soccer Drills that Teach Soccer Skills

to 5, 6, and 7 year olds

Pass the Player



Quick and controlled dribbling

Out running other players


Drill Description

Set up the cones as a large circle at least ten yards in diameter. Everyone spreads out around the circle and is without a ball for the first round. Let the group know which direction to run, and on the “go" signal everyone runs around the outside of the cones and tries to pass as many other players as he can. Each time someone passes another person he yells out a number counting how many people he passes. After one minute yell “stop" and have everyone announce the number of people they have passed. After doing this once without soccer balls, have everyone get a ball and do the same drill while dribbling.



  • Half of the players dribble a ball while the other half runs without a ball. Those who do not have a ball try to pass those who do, and keep track of how many they pass.

  • Divide the group into pairs and have partners start out on opposite sides of the circle from each other. Both partners run in the same direction, and the one with a ball tries to dribble as many laps as possible without getting tagged by his partner. Once a player is tagged, the pair starts over and switches places with each other.


Coaching Tips

This is a great drill for demonstrating the need for controlled dribbling. Players who have less control will end up far wide of the circle and easily get passed on the inside by teammates who are dribbling in control.




Moving quickly to the ball

Working together as a group


Drill Description

Set up a square big enough for everyone inside to have room to dribble freely. The players dribble around in the area, avoiding one another and avoiding the coach who puts pressure on slow moving players. When the coach yells “earthquake" everyone must leave her own ball and find a new one before the earthquake is over (after the coach counts to five). If any player has not found a new ball by the end of earthquake, then the whole team must run a lap around the square or do some other activity announced by the coach.



  • Use disc cones to make small triangles around the field. When the coach yells “earthquake," each player must find a triangle to stand in for safety before the count of five.

  • Set up cones around the outside of the square. When the coach yells “earthquake," each player must dribble around one of the cones and back into the square. No two players can dribble around the same cone.


Coaching Tips

Remind players to dribble with their head up to see where they are going and to keep the ball in control when dribbling. Also emphasize teamwork by encouraging players to quickly find a new ball when the one they want is taken by another player.

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