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Two games from the Throw In Chapter of the book


Fun Soccer Drills that Teach Soccer Skills

to 5, 6, and 7 year olds

Throw-in Challenge



Making accurate throw-ins

Being able to make a long throw-in


Drill Description

Make a sideline using cones or use an existing sideline on your practice field. Set up one cone in the field about one yard away. Set up a second cone two yards out (one yard behind the first) and then another one three yards out. Players line up on the sideline in a single file line facing the cones and each player has a ball. Each player takes a turn taking a throw-in and tries to hit the first cone. Players go to the end of the line after each try. After hitting the first cone a player then tries for the second cone when it is his turn again. Challenge players to be the first one to hit the third cone. There can be several lines of this going on at once, with only two or three players in each line.



  • Make this a relay race. Each time a player on one team hits a cone, he can grab that cone and place it on top of the next cone and this becomes the target for the whole team until a player hits it. The first team to hit all of the cones wins.

  • For an additional challenge, add more cones or space the cones further apart.


Coaching Tips

This is a great drill to have set up when players arrive to practice and can join in. Only count cones as a hit when one is hit by a properly taken throw-in. Players can get good exercise running after each throw-in taken, before getting back in line, which is another good reason to have this set up as a warm up drill when practice begins.

Moving Coach Target



Throwing in to a moving target


Drill Description

Each player lines up on the sideline with a ball. The coach runs down the field and everyone throws in to try and hit the coach in the feet while she is running. After throwing in, the kids should run to get their ball and run to the other sideline for another round of throw-ins. Go back and forth a few times to keep them moving.



  • Have them throw-in one at a time and run onto the field toward the goal for a pass from the coach and then take a shot on goal.


Coaching Tips

Younger players think it is fun to do anything where they get to go after the coach. The more dramatic you are about being hit the more fun the players have with this drill. Emphasize proper throw-ins with both feet on the ground and keeping both hands on the ball when throwing.

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