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Two games from the Long Kicks Chapter of the book


Fun Soccer Drills that Teach Soccer Skills

to 5, 6, and 7 year olds

Hot Potato Ball



Quick movement


Drill Description

Set up a circle of cones or use the center circle of a regulation size soccer field. Select one or two players to stand in the middle of the circle while everyone else stands around the outside with the soccer balls. On the “go  signal, everyone on the outside of the circle kicks his ball into the circle. Those in the middle kick all of the balls out and must stay in the middle until there is a moment when there are no balls in the circle. Once a ball is kicked out, it can be kicked back in by anyone.


Coaching Tips

A fun high paced drill that most players really like. If the players in the middle kick the balls far out it is easier for them to win the game.

Up and Over



Kicking a ball a long distance in the air


Drill Description

Make a circle using disc cones that are ten to twenty yards in diameter. Use the smaller size for younger kids but always make it challenging. Inside the circle, place as many cones as you have scattered around. Divide the team into pairs with each person across the circle from her partner with one ball between them. The player with the ball tries to kick it up over the circle to her partner without it touching the ground inside the circle or without knocking over a cone. If a player successfully kicks a ball over the circle then she gets to tell the whole team something they have to do five times (jumping jacks, sit ups, twirls, etc.). If a player hits a cone and knocks it over, this player has to do five jumping jacks (or whatever you specify at the beginning of the game). If no cones are hit or the ball hits the ground in the circle, nothing happens and the other partner gets a turn.



  • If the kick goes up and over the circle, the kicker gets to yell a cheer and jump up in the air with excitement instead of making the others do an exercise.

  • Instead of trying to kick it over the cones, each player tries to hit the cones when kicking to her partner and gets one point for each cone that is knocked over.


Coaching Tips

I often have this drill set up when the players start showing up for practice and pair them up as they arrive; this way it is easy to give each player individual attention when assessing their kicking skills. If you have players with more skill than the others, set up cones for them to kick from that are farther away from the circle for an added challenge.

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