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Two games from the Passing Chapter of the book


Fun Soccer Drills that Teach Soccer Skills

to 5, 6, and 7 year olds

All of Your Team





Drill Description

Divide the group into pairs and have them pass back and forth with their partners until you yell, “All (your team name)…" and give a command that everyone must do. You might have them hop to a tree, run to the goal post, skip around the coach or anything else you can think of. After completing the task, each person must get back together with his partner and continue passing back and forth until the next command.



Give “points" to the team that makes it back together first after each command.


Coaching Tips

Walk around when players are in pairs so that they must be aware of where you are as well as pay attention to the partner.

Passing Into the Square



Accurate passing

Controlling the weight of your pass


Drill Description

Using cones or disc cones set up four small squares two yards by two yards, each placed ten yards apart from the others, thus forming a large square with the small squares as the corners. Start in one square, and everyone has a ball and tries to kick it so that it rolls into the next square and comes to a stop inside the square. Everyone should kick to the same square but take turns. If a ball stops inside the square, the kicker gets a point. After everyone has kicked, go to the square the balls are in and the players kick to the next square from this spot. Continue around the square in this manner until one player gets four points and declare him the winner. If you have a large team, divide the group into smaller teams and set up several squares.



  • Set up a large circle of squares and divide the group into small teams of two to four players. Start the game with one team in every other square and have them move around the circle, kicking into the next square.

  • Set up one square for each player in a large square or rectangular shape with space between each square. When you say “go," everyone passes into the next square, moving in a clockwise direction. Each player is passing into a square that another player is already standing in. After each round, everyone goes to the square they were just aiming at and kicks their next ball from there. After taking a turn at each square,  ask the players how many points they got.


Coaching Tips

This drill is good for players who blast the ball hard even when just passing to their own team or players who kick it too soft.

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