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Two games from the Shooting Chapter of the book


Fun Soccer Drills that Teach Soccer Skills

to 5, 6, and 7 year olds

Running Shooting Running



Shooting after a break away run


Drill Description

Use a mini soccer field, full field, or set up two goals to make your own field. The coach and the assistant coach start out as goalies, with one in each goal (or have a player be goalie at one end and the coach at the other). Everyone starts at the coach’s goal with a ball. The coach calls out the name of one person at a time, who takes a shot on goal. The shooter then retrieves his own ball before dribbling down to the other end where he shoots on that goal; after shooting on the second goal, each player dribbles back down to shoot on the coach, and so on, back and forth until the coach calls “stop." Make a big deal about having them count how many times they scored, and for a reward give a water break after every three goals.


Coaching Tips

As a goalie, don’t try as hard to stop shots from weaker players; then everyone gets a water break at about the same time. My players really like this drill and have fun running and running even when it seems like they would want to quit.




Keeping the ball in control during a breakaway towards the goal


Drill Description

Players line up in a two single file lines at the center of the field one yard apart, facing the goal. Each person has a ball. The coach yells “go" and the first person in each line dribbles as quickly as she can toward the goal and then takes a shot on goal. Set up a cone line that they must pass before taking a shot. This can be done with or without a goalie. The coach gives one point at his discretion to any player who keeps the ball in control when dribbling and one point for each goal that is scored and one point to the player who scores first.



  • To prevent players from over dribbling and losing control of the ball, set up a box where players must be inside when they shoot.

  • Players in one line dribble and try to score while players in the other line (who do not have a ball) act as a defender when you say, “go." The defender line might be placed slightly behind the other line.

  • Have one player go at time and simply give points for goals made.


Coaching Tips

Younger players often lose control of the ball when they are in break away situations and even though they have an open goal they’ll miss the entire goal or kick it over the end line before having a chance to shoot. This drill helps them practice getting a shot on goal. Encourage players to shoot on goal when close enough to make a goal. Young players like to hear the coach tell them how many points they received after each attempt. In the end nobody will be able to keep track of the total number of points, which is a good thing.

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