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Two games from the Team Play Chapter of the book


Fun Soccer Drills that Teach Soccer Skills

to 5, 6, and 7 year olds

Magic Boxes



Passing the ball up field to an open player


Drill Description

Make a small field with the center line clearly defined by cones or discs. In front of each goal about five yards out, use cones to make a square big enough for a player to move around when trying to get open in front of the goal. Divide the group into two teams with one team on each side of the line. Select one player from each team to go to the “magic box" on the other side of the field from where their own team is. For this game the players on each team cannot cross the center line but can pass any ball that comes to their side to their player in the “magic box" who then tries to score. Players who do not have a ball try to prevent the player in the box on their side from getting a ball and scoring without going into the box. Start with three balls and then add balls or take them away depending on the flow of the game. Switch off players who are in the “magic box" so everyone gets a turn.



  • Add an additional magic box on each side so that players can dribble to and then pass to the person in the magic box in front of the goal,  before returning to their side. Only one player can dribble into a box at a time.


Coaching Tips

After your team gets the concept of passing to someone who is in the magic box in front of the goal emphasize passing to this area in the game and for players to try to get open in front of the goal in the ‘box".

Playing for Points



Getting open

Passing down field




Drill Description

Divide the group into teams of three or four and play small sided games but for each game give out points for the following...

2 points if you pass to someone who can score

2 points if you are open for a pass near the goal

1 point if you score

1 point if you stop a breakaway

1 point if you have a breakaway and shoot before the other team gets to you

1 point if you stop a goal

If there are enough coaches (or parents) available, assign one to each team and give them a clipboard with the above list of points on the side and room for the player’s names on the top. Each coach should watch her team (or both teams if there aren’t enough coaches) and write down points during the game. After the scrimmage announce points and emphasize what each player did correctly. For added fun offer a small prize (candy, stickers, etc) for each point made or for each player who made at least five points.


Coaching Tips

This drill worked wonders for my girls team to get them to focus on spreading out and being in position for a pass. Of course there are always a few players who need to be given a few points for even attempting to accomplish any of the things on the list, even if they were not successful.

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